My Favorite Christmas Memories

As we enter this New Year in what we all must pray is a better year than 2020, I started thinking about what were some of my favorite memories of Christmas when I was growing up (I know that must have been ages and ages ago, right?). The best memory that occurred every year took place on Christmas Eve when we would walk the couple blocks to our church (in Colo you could walk to wherever you wanted to go) and attend midnight service. My dad sang in the choir and I loved to hear him sing! The peaceful atmosphere of the church was like no other experience I have ever felt. At the end of the service the ushers would pass out candles and they would light the first person in the pew’s candle and that person would light the next person’s and so on until all candles were lit. The lights were dimmed and we would sing “Silent Night”. The only year a damper was put on the evening is when my candle got too close to the fur on Lois Jay’s coat and it came close to catching fire! 

I would love to hear a favorite Christmas memory of yours!!

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